Allen Berrebbi

Allen BerrebbiProducer and VP of Digital Strategies

Allen is the President & CEO of KRB Media and co-founder of Complete Network Services, a managed IT services provider. He has over 18 years’ experience in business management, digital marketing, web development and branding. His specialties include technology forecasting and projections. He applied his expertise when he served as the host and producer of “Your PC Hero”, a successful technology radio show. He is also an accomplished app developer, with several in various stages of development.

Allen serves as an advisor on digital strategies for several companies such as American Basketball Enterprises LLC, a global sports business company, Big Bang Comics, a long time comic book publisher, and Checkm8tes LLC., a new startup aiming to revolutionize the online dating world.

With his current responsibilities for Maven Films, Allen is eager to embrace the challenge of applying new technologies to change the landscape of independent film and television production.

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    The Year of Getting to Know Us
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